Tremzaction aquires Forestfloor! Big operation, nicely done!

Recently TREMZACTION acquired FORESTFLOOR, woodflooring manufacturer in Quebec.

The plant had been closed for two years when  Condor Chemical bought the whole facility in order to use the space for its operations, whick included building and machinery, although they did not need the machinery in their field of business.

So the owner of Condor Chemical, called Tremzaction in order for us to sell the machinery and free floor space for his activities.  After agreement with the owner, Mr. Lepage, we, on a two-month period, organized the whole operation, dismantling, loading equipment in order to ship to customers in North America, all of them being our customers for years and confident on the quality of equipment we offered for the them to buy.  Of course our team proceeded with the cleanup afterwards.

Everything was done quickly, in order… the customer is very pleased with the whole operation.
Here is a few pieces of equipment we purchased in this transaction and resold to our customers; well checked, in good condition and on a two months period, total.
forestfloor 3Forest floor- vendu
forestfloor 5forestfloor- 4Forestfloor- équipement vendu
So it is with great confidence that we invite you to submit your equipment, not only to buy a full plant, organise, dismantle and resell but also for us to offer your equipment to our customers located all over North America…ready to purchase!
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Steven Tremblay, CEO, & Simon St-Pierre
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Bianca Battistini, blog & community manager

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